What's your "Sales Culture"?

In the 40 years that I have been in the Insurance industry, my approach
has always been about consistency and being able to clearly visualize a client's needs. To me, "selling" is actually "helping" someone to buy.  Simply said, I solve problems.
Ever hear Sales is a numbers game? Don't believe it. It's really about attaining a foreseeable result, a process with expected conclusions. It's about upholding myself as a Trusted Professional rather than just
another vendor; always being focused on the client and freely sharing valuable advice.
Our Agency defines the buying experience, selling the total account, defining our Brand and Footprint. Our new website will launch shortly 
showcasing our services and welcomes new prospects and customers
to form stable client relationships.
Our social media strategy is an ongoing discipline teaching younger generations not only about selling value but the privilege of earning a Professional rank status by applying oneself in one's community.
Public service, especially to the less fortunate, always gives one a
sense of honor. And, in addition, trust is earned by building strong relationships attracting other professionals and advisers to join us.
A formula for success.
Our independent Agency faces increased competition and we,
nevertheless, continue to define our mission.