Dog Bites on Homeowners Insurance Skyrocketing!

Dog Bites on Homeowners Insurance Skyrocketing!

As featured in the "Big i", dog bites and other dog-related injuries cost homeowners insurers more than $1 billion in 2022, a 28% increase over 2021.

The average cost per claim was $64,555 in 2022, a 32% increase from the $49,025 average in 2021. As a result, the total claims cost for 2022 clocked in at $1.13 billion, up from $882 million in 2021.

The study attributes to increased medical costs, as well as social inflation.

Homeowners and renters insurance policies typically cover dog bite liability legal expenses, up to the liability limits (typically $100,000 to $300,000).

In addition to behavioral training and responsible pet ownership practices, an umbrella policy or pet liability coverage may also be a good option for pet owners.

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