The Sounds of Fire Safety Could Save Your Life & Business

The Sounds of Fire Safety Could Save Your Life & Business

Fire Prevention Week is October 3 to October 9. The theme, designated by the National Fire Protection Agency, is the “Sounds of Fire Safety.” Fire detection/alarm systems detect fires early, alert you and activate your sprinkler or suppression system – helping to save lives and property. Maybe your life and the lives of your staff, plus the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

It’s estimated that fires in commercial properties cost owners over $2.4 billion per year, with 52% of the larger fires occurring in a building that did not have smoke detectors present or functioning
(Source: EPS Five Essential Fire Statistics for Businesses, October 2019)

Before a fire affects your life and business, test and ensure the reliability of your fire alarm system – or install one if you don’t have one. Alarm monitoring includes central station, remote station, proprietary, and local alarms. Alarms can be monitored by a company or a person, or simply have batteries. Know what you have in your building.

Types of Units Include:

  • smoke detectors
  • heat detectors
  • pull stations
  • carbon monoxide

Keep Your Fire Alarm System Reliable. How?

  • Ensure that you’re using the proper types of detectors in the proper areas. For example, a heat detector is usually used in rooms with excessive dust or fumes.
  • Keep testing current – Use NFPA 72 The National Alarm and Signaling Code and NFPA 25 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water Based Fire Protection Systems as your guide.
  • Don’t obstruct detection units. For example, after painting ceilings are the protective covers on the smoke detectors removed?
  • Ensure pull stations are always accessible.
  • Immediately investigate false alarms and make repairs – and make all other repairs immediately, too.
  • Make sure you’re meeting Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.
Refer to NFPA 72 – The National Alarm and Signaling Code for additional information and code requirements.

What if There's a Fire at Your Business?

Having a plan already in place can make a big difference. Check out Utica's Help Keep Your Team and Property Safe During an Emergency: Develop a Fire Department Pre-Plan risk management alert for tips.

Be certain you have proper insurance in case of a fire - Call Heather at (845) 368-2700 or 1-877-4-Licata.