Contractors Errors & Omissions Package

Contractors Errors & Omissions Package

What is Contractors Errors & Omissions Coverage?

Contractors E&O Coverage is protection for claims when a contractor's work is allegedly faulty or defective, and is installed or incorporated into other products or property causing a loss associated with the replacement or reworking of the defective work.

Why would a contractor need E&O Coverage?

Here are two scenarios to consider:

Carpet Installer - A flooring contractor picks up the wrong carpet at the dealer and mistakenly installs it in a customer's home. The installer has to remove the incorrect carpet and replace it with the correct product. Total contractor loss: $3,000.

Fence Erection - A fencing contractor misreads the site plan while installing a fence. As a result, the fence is installed significantly over the property line. The fence has to be removed and reinstalled. Total contractor loss: $35,000.

What businesses can be covered by Contractors E&O Coverage?

Many! Give Aury a call to see if your business can be covered - (845) 368-2700 or 877-4-Licata